Is the Penny Dropping at Yahoo?

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I had the pleasure of seeing Carol Bartz present to the IAB last November at the Supercharge Your Brand event in London. As part of her presentation, she discussed how she has raised ad revenues by including third-party advertising on Yahoo’s log-in page. My impression at the time was that if Yahoo thinks that distracting… Read more »

Search Engine History – Yahoo

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Two Ph.D candidates named David Filo and Jerry Yang created Yahoo in 1994 at Stanford University in California; it was started for recreation for the creators but soon became full time work. It was initially known as ‘Jerry and Davids guide to the World Wide Web’ but after the creators randomly chose names from the… Read more »

Micrahoo or Yacrosoft?

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Rumours are flying once again about a merger (or is it a takeover) between Microsoft and Yahoo, though it’s not at all clear where the synergy, if any, might be between them. It certainly doesn’t seem to be in search, where the two ostensible members of the “big three” seem ever more like the “secondary… Read more »