‘Will Google Instant kill SEO, ’or ‘how to read through the nonsense’?

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The has been a considerable amount of nonsense sprouted over the last few hours about the impending doom of search engine optimisation as a viable service in the wake of the roll-out of Google Instant.

Naysayers claim that search engine optimisation is irrelevant now, or that the long-tail is dead. But I couldn’t disagree more.

Button Color Test: Does Red Beat Green?

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In the course of researching my new employment (which I am really looking forward to!) at Storm ID, I read this article by Performable that was higlighted in their Facebook page. It makes an interesting read and I encourage all of you to read it.  However, the argument it presents does have one fatal flaw, even though Performable… Read more »

Usability Case Study – Freecycle

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Written by James Baster Designing a website involves more than drawing pretty pictures. It’s important to think about how people use a website and about giving them the best information with the right amount of flexibility with minimal obstructions. In this article, we take a popular website and give it a fresh redesign. What is… Read more »

Neilsen: Users Ignore Content That Looks Like Ads

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Some people, myself include, thought this was perhaps stating the obvious, but apparently, if you make your Content look like an advertisement, the users on your site will ignore it. So is the conclusion of a recent study by usability guru, Jakob Neilsen. Neilsen’s study asked a group of users to look at the US… Read more »