Not Provided = Who Gives a Rat’s Ass!

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As Google pushes further and further ahead with personalising search results for users, it is getting less and less relevant for search engine optimisers to think about keyword ranking. Coupling that with the growing prevalence of “not provided” keyword data in Analytics, where is the value in SEO?

‘Will Google Instant kill SEO, ’or ‘how to read through the nonsense’?

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The has been a considerable amount of nonsense sprouted over the last few hours about the impending doom of search engine optimisation as a viable service in the wake of the roll-out of Google Instant.

Naysayers claim that search engine optimisation is irrelevant now, or that the long-tail is dead. But I couldn’t disagree more.

Why Google does NOT prioritise .EDU and .GOV domains

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For every SEO opinion one can read on the Internet, there always seems to be a conflicting, sometimes directly polar, opinion preached elsewhere. Sometimes, it seems like one particular opinion is treated like fact. Often it is “proven” by supposed SEO empiricists that one particular opinion is fact.