Is the Penny Dropping at Yahoo?

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I had the pleasure of seeing Carol Bartz present to the IAB last November at the Supercharge Your Brand event in London. As part of her presentation, she discussed how she has raised ad revenues by including third-party advertising on Yahoo’s log-in page. My impression at the time was that if Yahoo thinks that distracting… Read more »

Alex Beam Creates A Riot From A Tragedy

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I don’t normally stray from writing about search marketing on this blog, but there are other things in my life.  One of those, since I grew up in Liverpool in the 70’s and 80’s has been my love for Liverpool FC. On 15th April, 1989, following a breakdown in command by South Yorkshire police, and… Read more »

How do you protect your blog from hackers?

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“I just visited your blog. I noticed it was built with WordPress. How do you keep it safe from hackers? Ever since I got PR 5 last month – I’ve got dozens of hack attempts a minute. @conroydave, Boston, MA Tips from Matt on protecting your WordPress installation: “