Why Danny has to use the f-word

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We SEOs are generally pretty patient types, used to painstaking logical analysis of sites and telling clients for the fourth time why thay can’t use Hidden text or get number one positions for all-Flash sites. So when one of the top SEO’s in the world, the universally liked and respected Danny Sullivan, uses the f-word… Read more »

The Google Aging Delay Conspiracy

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Apparently, Google delays ranking new web pages. It must be true – I have read it on other SEO websites! The story goes as follows: Google “sandbox” new web pages to prevent new pages ranking quickly. This filter (depending on whose opinion you read) applies only to certain search phrases, and is nothing new. The… Read more »

Does Google have a DNS problem?

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Reports are circulating of a possible problem that is affecting some sites and causing their pages not to be crawled as often as they should. Details are still scarce but the main symptoms apart from reduced crawling appear to be messages in Google Webmaster Tools saying that Googlebot can’t access the home page and “URL… Read more »

Personalise your Google Homepage

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For a while now, Google has subtly introduced various personalisation into its search interface, from allowing a user to save preferences to the more extreme desktop search. Now, however, Google is bringing together various methods of personalisation together under the iGoogle brand. iGoogle is a personalised homepage designed around an individuals particular interests. For example,… Read more »