Google PPC Settlement

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A US state judge has recently approved a $90m settlement from Google for its involvement in click fraud scams. The decision came about after legal action from Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles, which progressed into a class action suit from over 70 other sources. Google’s involvement came when the company was accused by several of their… Read more »

Google Historical Index

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Google has announced its plans to expand its news service. It will introduce a feature that will let users locate articles with historical information on events and people. The service was launched on the 6th September, which contains links to articles predominantly linking to newspapers and magazines. The Index built by Google contains links to… Read more »

Dispelling the Myths about the Myths about PageRank

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I just finished reading somebody’s so-called expert opinion about PageRank in a high-readership SEO newsletter, which shall remain nameless. Their article was about PageRank Misconceptions, and included an entire section attempting to rebut the myths about PageRank. The article was admirably honest and showed a real understanding of the facts and assumptions on which PageRank… Read more »

Neilsen: Users Ignore Content That Looks Like Ads

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Some people, myself include, thought this was perhaps stating the obvious, but apparently, if you make your Content look like an advertisement, the users on your site will ignore it. So is the conclusion of a recent study by usability guru, Jakob Neilsen. Neilsen’s study asked a group of users to look at the US… Read more »

Australian lawsuit over sponsored results

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We’ve known for ages that many users can’t tell the difference between Sponsored Results and Organic Results on Google, now it appears that the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) can’t either. They are taking legal action alleging deceptive conduct over its sponsored links. Their general complaint seems to be that Google doesn’t do enough… Read more »