Is the Penny Dropping at Yahoo?

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I had the pleasure of seeing Carol Bartz present to the IAB last November at the Supercharge Your Brand event in London. As part of her presentation, she discussed how she has raised ad revenues by including third-party advertising on Yahoo’s log-in page. My impression at the time was that if Yahoo thinks that distracting… Read more »

Button Color Test: Does Red Beat Green?

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In the course of researching my new employment (which I am really looking forward to!) at Storm ID, I read this article by Performable that was higlighted in their Facebook page. It makes an interesting read and I encourage all of you to read it.  However, the argument it presents does have one fatal flaw, even though Performable… Read more »

Usability Case Study – Freecycle

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Written by James Baster Designing a website involves more than drawing pretty pictures. It’s important to think about how people use a website and about giving them the best information with the right amount of flexibility with minimal obstructions. In this article, we take a popular website and give it a fresh redesign. What is… Read more »