Dispelling the Myths about the Myths about PageRank

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I just finished reading somebody’s so-called expert opinion about PageRank in a high-readership SEO newsletter, which shall remain nameless. Their article was about PageRank Misconceptions, and included an entire section attempting to rebut the myths about PageRank. The article was admirably honest and showed a real understanding of the facts and assumptions on which PageRank… Read more »

The Google Aging Delay Conspiracy

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Apparently, Google delays ranking new web pages. It must be true – I have read it on other SEO websites! The story goes as follows: Google “sandbox” new web pages to prevent new pages ranking quickly. This filter (depending on whose opinion you read) applies only to certain search phrases, and is nothing new. The… Read more »

Personalise your Google Homepage

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For a while now, Google has subtly introduced various personalisation into its search interface, from allowing a user to save preferences to the more extreme desktop search. Now, however, Google is bringing together various methods of personalisation together under the iGoogle brand. iGoogle is a personalised homepage designed around an individuals particular interests. For example,… Read more »

YouTube Announces Payments to Top Uploaders

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Google’s YouTube.com video website will pay its top users for the Content that they submit in the form of a revenue share from the AdSense program. Jamie Byrne, VP of YouTube, announced that a select number of users will have their content promoted on YouTube, and the content will be monetised as a result. This… Read more »