Using JavaScript Effectively

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I just read yet another misleading article from yet another “leading” SEO writer explaing why JavaScript is bad for your navigation. And yet again (yawn) it showed a complete lack of understanding of the capabilities of search engines (quite aside from the fact that Google understands some aspects of JavaScript now, but that’s another story). The essense of the piece I read was that if you use JavaScript to “pop-up” sub-menus, then your site navigation won’t be indexed by search engines.

Difficulties with scientific method in empirical SEO

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SEO is not smoke and mirrors or a black art, as some SEO companies might have you believe, Far from it, SEO is the application of best practice, taking advantages of fixed logical rules and algorithms to achieve best value results for effort. The problem for SEO strategists is that these logical rules are not public knowledge, and more so that they differ for diferent search engines.