John is the website of Scottish-based Internet marketing expert, John Hughes.

John has been working in the Internet marketing industry for over a decade, and is one of Scotland’s leading SEO strategists. John is the kind of expert that his one-time employers, bigmouthmedia, would refer to as a ‘boffin.’

However, John is much more than that. After leaving bigmouthmedia, he set up his own consultancy – Indicium Web Design – assisting a great number of businesses with design and development through to marketing , and a great many more businesses with parts of that process.  John’s experience and responsibilities increased to the point that he was leading a team of seven, while sticking to his core principles of openness and ethical marketing.

John led the development of an entirely search-engine friendly content management system to great success, with over a dozen installations across various vertical markets.

One client saw a 600% increase in ecommerce sales within 3 months of engaging with John’s expert advice.

John is now Head of Search and Analytics at StormID, in Edinburgh, having joined the team in 2010.